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Access Energetic Facelift

I am a newly qualified Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner!

I had a beautiful day training with the lovely Ellen Pillow in her amazing space in Worthing.

Since becoming an Access Bars Practitioner, and then a Facilitator, and seeing such benefits from energy work, I've been really curious about Facelift. Not least because my own face could do with a lift! So swaps are definitely on the cards...

What if we could undo and unlock things we thought were permanent about our appearance? What if, by melting away judgements and conclusions, we could naturally restore and rejuvenate our face and body? What if all our pre-conceived ideas about what it is to age dissipated and fell away?

The healing power of energetic touch can change a person on a cellular level. It can help restore the body to its natural state of self-healing, self-rejuvenation and self-regeneration Touch can reduce stress, slow the heart rate and blood pressure, and help with digestion.

Access energetic facelift doesn't just benefit your face. This powerful practice is also constantly contributing to your body, making you feel healthy and rejuvenated inside and out.

I recommend regular treatments for Access Facelift. It is said that changes in the appearance are permanent after 20 sessions.

The cost of this treatment is the same as my Access Bars treatments, £45, but, as I'm newly qualified as a Facelift practitioner, I am offering a dramatically reduced offer for those wishing to commit to 20 regular sessions. £400 which can be paid upfront, or £80 a month for five months.

I am only offering this for two people and I already have one... so there's one spot left for this offer! £20 a treatment. Who will choose it I wonder?

Sessions are available during the day on Mondays and Fridays in Portchester, Hampshire.


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