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Continuous Recalibration

I wanted to hit the ground running with regular blog posts this year, so I'm surprised it's taken me two weeks to hit publish.

Usually midnight on NYE is like a switch flicking for me - out with the old, in with the new. Like giving up alcohol - my last drink was just before midnight on NYE 2020. Go me!

You can usually find me knee deep in a trifle on NYE, then on a gruelling hike, and only eating salad, come new year's day. I simply am that cliché. So, as I didn't publish a sparkly 'new year' post here on 1st January part of me thinks "F it, it's too late". But heck, why shouldn't I start publishing regular posts on an insignificant rainy Saturday mid-January?

So... what does your 2023 look like? I feel like I've spent the last couple of years 'recalibrating'. We probably all have post-Covid. My 40th birthday is a good measuring stick for me. It was three years ago, December 2019 when Corona was simply something I drank, regularly, with wedges of lime.

I was living in the heart of bustling Southsea, in a rented flat, and was ten years into running my wedding business. Events, events, events, drink, drink, drink. That's what it was all about back then.

There was nothing 'stable' about my life. Yet that's what I craved, and somehow, that's what I've now got.

Three years later and I'm firmly ensconced in my house in suburban Portchester. Everything is much more... well, safe I suppose. Grown up? Heck, I enjoy gardening now, told you I was a walking cliché.

I still keep my hand in with events. My work with a local events team came about purely by fluke, off the back of a series of unfortunate events, which perhaps weren't so unfortunate after all... perhaps just valuable experience and the universe recalibrating my path? Anyway, the events work keeps Cortisol coursing through my veins, and keeps me awake at night, but without a dose of adrenaline would I be bored? The jury's still out on that one.

I try to keep my stress levels in check with my other work - my wonderful Access Bars energy work, that is simply so much more than an energy treatment, it's a philosophy for attracting everything you want in life. I love spreading that message to those willing to receive it, and continuing my own learnings and expansion.

I also spend a few hours a week working as a home help/companion to local elderly clients. I still can't believe I get paid to go for walks and to do jigsaws, and I love writing my monthly column for them too (read my latest post HERE).

This year for me is all about continuing to follow the energy, and plenty of my energy is going into my 90s caravan project.

I have finally chosen the fabric for the upholstery. I spent a ridiculous amount of time browsing. I wanted '90s bus seat vibes' and I think I've nailed it. What do you think? I can now pick the perfect shade of peachy paint and get shopping for the perfect enamel kitchenware.

Thank you for reading!

Keep following the energy, anything is possible.

Helen x


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