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Follow the Energy

Over the last couple of years I have slowly but surely learnt to follow the energy. To go with the flow.

What does that mean to me? It's about not pushing, it's about intuitively 'feeling into' things and following what feels right. Following my gut.

When I think of myself in the past I have totally not followed what feels right! I've gone down all sorts of 'wrong' paths. i.e. I've come face-to-face with the 'energy' of a situation, an opportunity perhaps. Maybe a potential friendship, romance or job opportunity, and I've manhandled it. I've grabbed it and manipulated it without 'letting it be'.

The problem is, we find ourselves being influenced by thoughts, feelings and emotions, and often they're not even ours. We act upon what our parents/peers/society think/expect of us, and we lose our true selves. We lose the brilliant person we came here to be.

Every time we 'believe' something, or are influenced by something, we make it true, we're essentially conditioned. It gets imprinted on our internal hard drive and that's then how we operate. We programme ourselves with limiting beliefs and we make our world smaller. We close ourselves off to receiving and possibilities.

Isn't that desperately sad? Think of a child, they ask for what they want, they express their emotions freely, they're honest, they dance like noone's watching. It's only as they get older they start to shut off parts of themselves to 'fit in'.

Does that resonate with you? Do you feel you're guided by your internal compass or are you out of whack? Do you dance like noone's watching? Are you on your path? Or did you start walking down someone else's a long time ago?

Imagine if there was a simple treatment you could have that would start to dissipate and dissolve the energetic programming? Clear the cache on that internal hard drive. Start untangling the mental knots. Ta da! Access Bars.

Have a beautiful day folks.

Helen x


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