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Want to learn Access Bars?

Did you know I'm an Access Bars Facilitator which means I can teach the Access Bars class?

What is an Access Bars class?

It's a day-long class where you learn all about the tools of Access Consciousness, watch videos from the founders and learn how to run Bars.

You gift and receive the treatment twice and at the end of the day you'll be a Practitioner, which means you can offer the treatment and get paid for it.

Why do an Access Bars class?

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to do the Access Bars class. They may want to add it to their list of existing treatments or start an Access Bars business. But they may simply want to learn more about the philosophy of Access Consciousness and be able to run Bars for friends and family.

Being able to run my seven-year-old son's bars is such a gift (you can run kids Bars much quicker), my 98-year-old grandmother loves it, I love being able to offer it to friends as a treat... and I honestly think Access Bars has transformed my ex (that's another story).

I run my own Bars almost every evening. I's amazing. Rather than paying to get your Bars run, you can run your own!

Where can I do it?

At my house... Which is very small but perfectly formed and is located in Portchester, Hampshire.

What will it be like?

I teach two students at a time, so it's likely they'll be three of us together for the day. We ease into the day gently with teas and introductions, before making a start on the key points in the Access Consciousness manual. We'll then watch a video from the founders of Access Consciousness; Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer. They go through the 32 Bars and explain how we run them to dissipate and clear stuck energy.

Then it's time to get hands on! Take it in turns to gift and receive the treatment. I will be with you every step of the way, making sure you're on the right points and feeling confident.

At lunchtime you can go for a walk by the shore, or in the summer we can have lunch in the garden. Bring your own lunch, I provide drinks and snacks.

After lunch you gift and receive the treatment again, we go through the rest of the manual and watch a final video from Gary and Dain.

You'll go home with a certificate, a manual and an valuable new skill that might just change everything.

When can I do it?

I am running classes on 24th February & 3rd March 2023. 9.30am-5.30pm. I currently have one space available on 24th February but we can always put a date in the diary that suits you. Fridays usually work best for me.

How much is it?


Please use the contact form to enquire or book.

Helen x


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