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What is Access Bars? And how I got into it...

Because Access Bars is still relatively unknown, people always ask me how I got into it.

I was given a voucher for Access Bars for my 40th birthday back in 2019. I had never heard of it. When I found out the basics of what it did (delete your limiting beliefs), I couldn't make my appointment quick enough!

Until that point I had never really been one for treatments. It hasn't been within my remit financially for one, and I found it hard to relax. Saying that, I had previously seen the benefit of other energy treatments, specifically Indian head massage and reflexology. I sought out such treatments when I was particularly suffering with insomnia, and it seemed to help. I have also felt the benefit of acupressure and I have a mat and neck pillow at home that I use regularly. It's all energy!

Anyway, I trundled off for my birthday Access Bars treatment not thinking too much of it, but after the treatment I experienced what I can only describe as a natural high. I just felt happy. Euphoric even.

From that point I continued to go for the treatment regularly until I eventually did the Access Bars class to become a practitioner. And then a facilitator so I could share the love and teach others about this amazing energetic tool.

What is Access Bars?

I always describe Access Bars as 'reflexology for the mind'. In reflexology the points on the feet relate to different areas of the body. By touching each point the practitioner is working to dissipate stuck energy around the body and create greater ease and flow. Access Bars is the same but the points are on the head, and each point relates to a different area of life. For example money, body, sexuality, creativity etc.

Just like in reflexology we lightly touch each 'bar' to clear any built up energy we have relating to that point. We come into this lifetime with no thoughts, opinions, judgements about money. Universal opportunities are wide open to us. However, as we grow up we take on other people's thoughts, ideas and emotions. We're naturally conditioned by our parents, peers and surroundings. We essentially programme our internal hard drive with a set of stories that we believe to be true, about everything. Energetic implants.

The Access Bars treatment is a way to delete all that, like defragging a computer, clearing the cache so things don't automatically come up. Essentially it offers a fresh slate, and unhelpful programming from the past doesn't affect our future.

How has it helped me?

To be honest, I barely recognise myself from a few years ago. I've moved to a new area, given up drinking easily, I'm happy in my career and I have nourishing connections all around me. I have found a contentment that I searched for for years before I found Access Bars and the tools of Access Consciousness.

And it's all so simple. It's just about following the energy. Going with the flow and asking the universe for what you want and need. It's a bit wacky and woo woo but I believe the universe wants us to have everything we need, for the life we desire, but we don't ask.

It's also about questioning where your thoughts, feelings and emotions come from, because most of the time they're not yours.

I am no longer tied up in knots. I am freeeeee!

Contact me using the form below if you'd like to book an Access Bars treatment.


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