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Working for Wellbeing - Part Two

In my last post I explained how my holistic therapy business is only part of what I do. I detailed how I also work with the elderly, and how the work feeds my soul in so many ways.

But my work with the elderly and my holistic practice still only makes up two thirds of my career! I also do regular freelance hours for an event company.

In a pre-Covid reality my life was event-heavy. I ran my own wedding business for 13 years. I did all sorts of things within the industry, within those years, notably I published a wedding magazine and organised wedding fairs.

Covid provided a catalyst for change that was probably on the cards anyway. I had an absolute ball running my business, but 42 year-old me was a very different person to 29-year-old me who started the business back in 2009.

For Fareham-based Nest & Anchor Events I manage their social media as well as coordinating an outdoor market, and other events such as open days and networking events. It's a PR/marketing/events role.

What I love about my varied work is the vastly different cross sections of society I am in contact with. My work with the elderly is in stark contrast to the meetings I have with my young, entrepreneurial event colleagues. My client base for Access Bars is hugely varied and the conversations I have with my clients satisfies my interest and passion for all things mental/emotional wellbeing.

On market days I am hands-on; face-to-face with public, colleagues, performers and traders.

My moon sign is in Aquarius and on my fridge I have an oracle card that says:

If your moon sign is in Aquarius, you're happiest bettering the community and making human connections.

That is SO true for me. I'm fascinated by creative small businesses; specifically the people behind the brands and their stories.

I recently stumbled upon the term collective effervescence; the feeling of energy and harmony when people are engaged in a shared purpose; a joie de vivre that manifests when we share moments with others. I feel this at the market, it has a very unique energy.

Come and see for yourself! Our next market is next Saturday 29th April 10am-4pm.


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