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Thanks for dropping by.

I'm Helen and I founded Flo's Circle in 2021. My journey into energy treatments started with a voucher I received for my 40th birthday at the end of 2019. It was for an Access Bars treatment. I thought "what on earth is that?". "It deletes your limiting beliefs" I was told by the therapist. I didn't need any more convincing that I needed this treatment. I've suffered with my mental health for many years; anxiety, depression, I've held onto things from my childhood, my parents, past relationships. I was carrying stuff round like a backpack of bricks. After the first treatment I felt what I can only describe as a natural high. Since then my life has changed beyond measure so I love giving the treatment, as well as teaching it.

In 2020 I stopped drinking alcohol. I'm passionate about sobriety as a life choice, and life design in general.

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